A Displaced Person

Rodrigo Geoffroy


In the corner of a world I live.

The corner is right by my side.

I watch, I see all that happens.

Frozen, still I am!

I say nothing, I do nothing.

Speechless living, sacrifice…

I don’t dare even stand up.

Even say may name,

If I have it?

Am I out of the mad world?

Am I out of their world?

They just stare at me while they cross my way.

They greet me, obligation…

I’m merely someone (object almost).

There should come a relief, when I die,

As soft as old shoes out of a stone.

As small as this world’s little buddy.

As silent as an unknown one…


Rodrigo Tostes Geoffroy ocupa a cadeira número 28 da Academia Barbacenense de Letras